Bound to FAIL

Pencil / Ballpoint pen drawing on paper + Photoshop + Indesign

Artworks of 'Pinball'

Ballpoint pen drawing on paper + Photoshop

Out Loud

Photoshop + Indesign


Pencil drawing on paper + Illustrator


Maya(3D modeling, rendering) + Photoshop(text)

UNCHARTED: Leap to Meet

Dating app posters

Illustrator + Photoshop

Night Scene of the Old Movie

<Night Scene of the Old Movie>
Acrylic color painting on fabric
160cm x 90cm

<Esquisse of 'Night Scene of the Old Movie'>
Acrylic color painting on paper
32cm x 18cm

BU Rangers

<BU Rangers Posters>

<BU Rangers 3 Characters>

<BU Rangers Sketch>
Pencil drawing on paper + Photoshop(color)

Time and Colors

Acrylic color painting on canvas
180cm x 30cm

Movie Poster & Music Poster

<Movie Poster: Journey to My Life>
Pencil and pen drawing on paper
26.5cm x 34cm

<Music Poster: Naomi>
Pencil drawing on paper
26.5cm x 34cm


Ballpoint pen drawing on paper(black) + Photoshop(color)
21cm x 21cm

About MOON

Nick Name: MOON
2015 - Present: Studying at Bangkok University in Thailand
2010 - 2015: Private drawing lessons for children
2009 - 2010: Manager at OnB Business Center
2007 - 2008: Internet shopping mall
2005 - 2006: Manager at H.I Medical
2004: Teacher´s certificate
2004: Graduated from Busan National University in Korea